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Nawab Malik Retaliated on The allegations of Devendra Fadnavis

Nawab Malik on Fadnavis’s allegations Never in his life or as a representative, such allegations was made against him.

Minister in Maharashtra Government Nawab Malik

Nawab Malik categorically denied the allegations leveled against him for having links with the underworld. BJP leader and former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis will give a response to the allegations made by him as a ‘bomb’ with ‘hydrogen bomb’ on Wednesday morning. Nawab Malik said about Devendra Fadnavis. You have started the game of the underworld. Nawab Malik will drop the hydrogen bomb of Underworld in Mumbai tomorrow morning. Will tell the country how Devendra Fadnavis was holding the entire city hostage through the underworld. How the kingpin of an underworld used to extort from this city by sitting abroad. Who did he work for, who was that officer special to? The hydrogen bomb will drop tomorrow morning at 10 am.”

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Land worth 1.5 lakh was taken at the cost of a penny

Devendra Fadnavis had said. They will explode bombs but these are baseless allegations. Tomorrow at 10 am, Devendra ji will give information about what is the game of the underworld. The NCP leader further said. Land worth 1.5 lakh was taken at the cost of a penny. This society was formed in 1984. The house was sold to more than 150 people. Our godown is over there. Taken on lease from Munira. There are 4 shops on the same property.

Took land for 20 rupees afoot,

If you tell this lie, then speak in a manner. All the allegations are baseless. Nawab Malik has no connection with the underworld in any way. Tomorrow at 10 o’clock I will drop the hydrogen bomb of the underworld. How was the city taken, hostage? Will reveal it. He further said that in 1999, Devendra came to the city for the first time. Earlier Munde sahib used to connect Dawood with the people. In the life of 62 years, or as a public representative, no one has ever leveled allegations. There is a raw player giving you information.

Devendra Fadnavis says

The case was going on under TADA against the accused. That property could have been taken over by the government. Nawab Malik bought it at the cost of a penny to save the property so that the property should not go into the possession of the government. Devendra Fadnavis also told that a total of 5 properties were dealt with. Out of which 4 were directly related to the underworld.

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