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Nawab Malik Daughter Sent Legal Notice On Drug Charges

Nawab Malik said that the cache of drugs was found in Gujarat. It seems like there is a distribution racket going on there.

Nawab Malik’s daughter sent legal notice on drug charges

Maharashtra government minister and NCP leader Nawab Malik’s daughter Nilofar Malik Khan has sent a defamation notice to former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Nilofar asks Devendra Fadnavis to apologize. If Devendra Fadnavis does not apologise. A defamation case will be filed against him in court. Let us tell you that Devendra Fadnavis in his press conference had talked about getting drugs from the house of Nawab Malik’s son-in-law. Due to this a notice of defamation has been sent.

Both Devendra Fadnavis and Nawab Malik are accusing each other

This notice has been sent at a time when both Devendra Fadnavis and Nawab Malik are making serious allegations against each other. Nawab Malik has accused Fadnavis of patronizing the business of counterfeit notes. Fadnavis has claimed that Malik and his family are indulging in dubious land deals.

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Nawab Malik said

Today drugs have also been caught from Dwarka. The question arises whether the game of drugs does not run from Gujarat. Drugs caught in Dwarka, is it a coincidence? The DG requests the NCB that the 1985 Act be made because of this. Make the country drug-free. He said that drugs are coming from Gujarat. Gujarat will bring drug connections in front of the country.

Drugs are being spread from Gujarat.

DG NCB will take this seriously, it is our request. It should be investigated. Our fight is not against any person who is doing wrong according to any officer, action should be taken against him. Publicity is done in Maharashtra by holding 2,4 grams. People suspect that big drug business is going on in Gujarat. Drug worth 350 crores has been found in Dwarka, Gujarat, a new case has come to the fore.
Gujarat distribution racket is going on
Nawab Malik said that the cache of drugs was found in Gujarat. Looks like a distribution racket is going on there. Our demand is that DG, NCB, and NIA should investigate and find out who is there. Behind them, Gujarat has become a drug hub, it is being proved. …

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