Natural Oils May Prevent Hair Loss And Thinning

Rosemary oil does offer some benefits for the skin, but it also believed to work wonders for hair growth. Express.co.uk talked to experts to find out how it works, as well as the best ways to implement it.

native to the Mediterranean

Rosemary is a versatile and popular herb that used in foods and aromatherapy as well as in medicine. It may not be the first oil when choosing a good treatment for hair, but studies are increasingly uncovering the long list of benefits it can have on your scalp. Using rosemary oil on hair on Instagram and TikTok Has rapidly become a trend, with many claiming that it is a product that can stop hair loss and encourage growth.

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As protection, folk medicine

Considered sacred the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Hebrews, and Romans, rosemary oil has actually used for similar purposes for centuries. Along with using the herb to ward off evil, Folk medicine has used rosemary oil for thousands of years for its ability to heal, strengthen, and relieve symptoms, to “improve memory”, and as a protection against plagues.

Why is rosemary oil good for hair?

Nicole Petty, haircare expert at Milk + Blush, told Express.co.uk: “Due to its high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, henna to use for growing, cleansing and conditioning your hair A great natural ingredient. Studies have also shown that rosemary essential oil is just as effective as minoxidil – otherwise known as Rogaine – for treating pattern baldness in men and women.

Saul Meskin, chief hair expert at Foxy Locks

“The ursolic acid in rosemary works by strengthening circulation in the scalp to allow more oxygen and nutrients into the hair follicles.” Saul Meskin, chief hair specialist at Foxy Locks, said that these properties prevent hair loss and thinning. “It is also known to help repair tissue and nerve damage in the scalp, which will leave your hair and scalp healthy.”

Mr Meskin continued

It’s a natural product and you’re not putting harsh chemicals into your body which is a bonus.” Not many hair professionals would recommend trying rosemary oil because most will choose better known oils like coconut or argan oil, but Because of its list of benefits, it’s definitely worth a try.”

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