Natalya Does Her Best Austin Aries At The WWE House Show

WWE’s Natalya will not face Liv Morgan at SummerSlam, despite having a case for a shot at the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Instead, Morgan will have to fight Ronda Rousey once again at the company’s next major premium live event, the woman who won the belt after cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase. Despite being more than two decades in the business herself, It may not go down too well with a member of the Hart family, and that might not be what happened on a recent house show when Liv pinned her.

Oh. Now it’s pretty much a no-sell.

Now, getting up after your promotion’s new champion hits you with your finishing move, aptly named ObLIVion, doesn’t bode well for anyone involved. This clearly makes the champion look vulnerable, and makes the loser feel like they are hard to work with, which is what wrestlers work so hard to maintain even in a house show.

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WWE fan them John Morrison

Fans with a good memory and knowledge of American wrestling immediately thought of another ‘no-selling’ phenomenon: Austin Aries in 2018. Aries is infamously the finisher of the unsold Johnny Impact – although WWE fans know him as John Morrison – during the main event of Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory in 2018. Like Natalya, he treated the finisher like it was nothing and ran away clearly furious. Now, that was actually Aries’ last night with the company, and while Natalya’s actions are very similar, it’s doubtful that the move was her way of exiting WWE.

In fact, in a now-deleted post, Natalya claimed

Said “thank you” to the new SmackDown champion. While this doesn’t seem to be supported by the footage, it probably means that any tension between the two superstars has been put to rest.

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