Museum To Release Next Album On NXT platform Serenade

Legendary rock band Muse has announced that it will be releasing their upcoming album, “Will of the People”, as a limited-edition NFT on the Polygon-powered platform Serenade.

The band’s ninth studio album

The NFT version of the band’s ninth studio album released on August 26. It will be the first record to chart in both the UK and Australia. Upcoming NFT releases limited to 1,000 copies globally and will come as both an NFT and a limited-edition format.

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Digital Signatures of Museum Members

A £20 ($24.50) purchase comes with a downloadable version of the album in the form of high-resolution FLAC files containing the digital signatures of museum members. The names of the buyers of each limited copy permanently listed on the linked roster of buyers.

NFT albums sold through Serenade,

The British band, which formed in 2014, has won several awards, including the NME Award for Best British Band on three occasions, the MTV Europe Music Award for Best World Stage Performance in 2019 and two Grammy Awards for Best Rock Album. NFT albums sold through Serenade, an “eco-friendly” platform that helps artists take advantage of the NFT boom. Serenade CEO Max Shand expressed his views on the project, saying:

Using Layer-2 Solution Polygons to Mint Serenade NFTs

Muse has always had a huge appetite for innovation and how they bring their music to fans, so using this technology to enhance the experience of their new album means a lot.
Serenade uses layer-2 solution polygons to mint NFTs. It sees Polygon’s proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism as a far more efficient system than Ethereum’s current proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm.

Gas charges borne by artists and fans

“All Serenade NFTs are molded on Polygon, as we value its affordability and eco-friendliness […] At Serenade, we bear the gas fee on behalf of all users—artists and fans—as we are today We want to replicate the frictionless shopping experience of our customers, and Polygon allows us to do it at scale,” Shand said.

Before Buying NFT Platforms

Users are not required to create a crypto wallet before purchasing NFTs. They can use their debit and credit cards to buy NFTs on the site. Users can also use their existing bitcoin or ethereum wallets linked to Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN). UK Official Top 40 Charts Official Charts Company (OCC) qualified NFT albums to chart this April, when the UK Indie rock band Amazon released NFT, a digital box set.

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