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Mumbai Police To probe Parambir Singh And Sachin Waje Meeting

Police want to know whether Parambir Singh and Sachin Waje had any permission. To meet like this or not.

Parambir Singh, accused in the recovery case

The Mumbai Police will investigate the meeting between the former Commissioner of Mumbai Police and the Assistant Commissioner of Police, accused in the extortion case. Both appeared before the Chandiwala commission. During this, both had met for an hour. The police is probing that with whose permission the two met.

Parambir Singh joined the investigation on the orders of the Supreme Court

Let us inform that after 231 days, the location of Parambir Singh was found on Thursday. His location was known only when he turned on his phone. After this, on the Thursday before that, he was to participate in the investigation. Went to Mumbai as directed by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court had recently granted protection from arrest to Parambir Singh. However, the Maharashtra government can challenge the order of the Supreme Court in the Supreme Court itself.

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Mumbai Police may investigate

Police want to know Did they have any permission to meet like this or not? Even if it was not allowed, it has been met. Mumbai Police can investigate this. During this investigation, the squad that brought Sachin Waje to the commission from jail may also be questioned.

Let us tell you that today Parambir Singh was summoned by the Chandiwala Commission. During this, Sachin Waje was also called. Sachin Waje’s lawyer has claimed that he got permission from the commission. Only after that did Waje and Parambir Singh meet.

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