Moving New Episode Clip From America Got Talent Teen Dancer Sofia Vergara

America’s Got Talent teen dancer Max Ostler gets Sofia Vergara on her feet in this new episode clip!

America’s Got Talent debuts

The next episode, which airs on NBC on June 14, will feature a teenage dancer whose performance will have a deep impact on at least one judge. In an exclusive clip for the next episode (seen above), Australian 18-year-old Max Ostler will give a performance that earns a standing ovation from Sofia Vergara herself. Check it out!

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Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell Definitely Applause

Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum both impressed Max Ostler with their dance sets to James Arthur’s “Falling Like the Stars” at their America’s Got Talent audition. Still, Vergara is a member of the judges’ panel, who wasted no time standing on her feet for an ovation, with members of the audience standing behind her. Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell were definitely applauding, so will the teen dancer get the votes she needs going forward?

Performances of two Golden Buzzer winners

Max Osler needs to get ahead of the competition before his fate is in the hands of the voters of the house. He looked overjoyed when he finished dancing, and who could blame him when he had a theater full of people (including the Modern Family alum) at his feet? It’s worth noting that the judges already put forward a wide variety of performers in the audition stage, and the two Golden Buzzer winners had different performances, even though 11-year-old powerhouse Madison Taylor Baez and 21-year-old saxophonist Avery Dixon sang both songs.

Learn more about the story of Max Ostler

Whether or not he moves on from auditions with the next new episode of America’s Got Talent, airing Tuesday, June 14 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. The competition for the $1 million prizes is already fierce, and the past several seasons have ended with a variety of winners, so this time it’s anyone’s game. Be sure to keep tuning in on Tuesdays, and take a Peacock subscription to watch and/or re-watch the entire season so far.

Poet Brandon Leakes made history with his win in Season 15

Whether or not Max Ostler has the type of talent that AGT needs to make it through to the end… well, there’s really been no propensity for who wins and who loses in recent years, and this is Anyone skilled enough to earn a cheer from a judge. Magician Dustin Tavella won Season 16 after a confidence boost late in the game, while word poet Brandon Leakes made history with his victory in Season 15. Cody Lee is the most recent musician to win with his win in Season 14, while the magician Shin Lim took the top prize in Season 13. Season 12 was about Darcy Lynn and her puppets.

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