Mouni Roy Now Took Seven Rounds As A Bengali Bride

Mouni Roy has tied the knot with her boyfriend Sooraj Nambiar. The actress got married according to the Bengali tradition.

Mouni Roy Wedding Photos

Apart from their families, their close friends from the film industry have also attended Mouni Roy’s wedding. Manmeet Singh of Meet Brothers has also participated in the wedding of the actress, who has performed rituals related to elder brother in her marriage. Mouni Roy has now taken seven rounds according to the Bengali Tradition, whose photos and videos are going viral on social media.

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Bengali bride Mouni Roy having a lot of fun With Friends

Manmeet had told in a conversation with Aaj Tak that the wedding took place in the morning according to the South Indian culture, in which the bride’s bridesmaid wore a kind of sari, while the boys asked to wear kurta and dhoti. Manmeet told that he wore a dhoti for the first time in his life. At the same time, now both married in Bengali style. Mouni Roy, who became a Bengali bride, had a lot of fun with friends.

Mouni and Suraj are Emotional about their RespectiveCultures

Due to the corona epidemic, not many people were invited to the wedding, but every ritual related to the marriage has performed. The couple wanted to get married according to their respective culture. The wedding took place in the evening according to the Bengali culture. Mouni and Sooraj are emotional about their respective culture. Therefore, respecting each other’s feelings, they first married in the South style, then took seven rounds in the evening according to the Bengali culture.

Both are Emotional about Their Culture

In the photo, you can see Sooraj filling the vermilion for Mauni’s demand. Both are looking very beautiful together. Mouni’s brother Manmeet Singh told that the actress had decided to get married a few months back. They believe that Suraj is a sensible, simple, and down-to-earth person. Photos and videos of the Bengali wedding ceremony have come to the fore. Mouni Roy, who became a bride in a red lehenga, is looking very beautiful. Mouni Roy completely followed the Bengali culture. Covering her eyes with betel leaves, she reached the pavilion and then saw Suraj Nambiar’s face.

Mouni Considers me as elder Brother

The relationship between Mary and Mouni has been very old. She is an expert in maintaining relationships, she becomes very attached to the people she loves. I have known her since Mouni used to live in Delhi. In Delhi itself, I told her and her friend Misha that what Mouni is doing here, she should be in Mumbai. Let’s see from where she has reached today. She considers me her elder brother. We live in the same building.

Manmeet Praises Mouni’s Groom

Manmeet praises Mouni’s husband Sooraj Nambiar and says that he has known him for a year. He is not associated with the film industry, yet he understands this profession very well. He described the pairing of Mouni and Sooraj as perfect. Manmeet says that both of them had decided to get married a few months back. He told that Suraj is a sensible, simple, and grounded person.

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