Mother Naomi on Twin Sisters Redemption Advocacy and Grief

The daughters of the late country musician Naomi Judd talk about her openness and empathy. As fans gather for the final tour to reflect on his legacy. Nashville, Tenn. – The family of late country musician Naomi Judd is reflecting on her legacy ahead of an 11-city tour that will give fans a chance to say goodbye and enjoy the music that became the soundtrack to their lives.

Judd and Ashley Judd interview with The Associated Press

Daughters Winona Judd and Ashley Judd remember their mother as a beautiful, talented, smart and colorfully complex woman in an interview with The Associated Press. which was high and low. Was honest about her mental health journey.

Became Goodwill Ambassador for UNFPA

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Actor and humanitarian Ashley Judd has dedicated her life to the cause of social justice. Has become a Goodwill Ambassador for UNFPA and was a key leader in the Time’s Up organization. Her mother also used her platform to talk about her mental illness and was a tireless supporter of animal rescue. Both seemed to be cut from the same cloth.

Ashley Judd said, “I definitely think our advocacy was mutual and reciprocal. I know that after a lot of my public forays, she would say it directly to me and to her friends. Then it would come back through me.” her friends, that she was mesmerized by my audacity.” But Judd said they both know how trauma can affect their mental health.

himself in case of stepping in some painful places

“She had a very gentle soul. And so a phrase we use with each other is that you can’t ignore what you’ve seen,” Judd said. “So she had to be very cautious of herself when it came to stepping into some painful places. And yet it was very important to her to do what she could to do the advocacy she could. She wanted to try and ease the suffering of those people.” She wanted to help reduce the stigma and shame she had also gone through. And she didn’t mind.”

Ashley Judd said that in later years,

Whereas the mother-daughter relationship was difficult due to the success and frequent touring of The Judds. Ashley Judd said that in later years, he repaired the bond between them. “Mom and I had a pretty great resume in 2006 when I was given the gift of recovery. And by the time I was growing up, she and I missed it. In these later 17 years of ours Had so much time together,” Judd said.

mom accompanies him to several medical appointments

Ashley Judd shattered her foot hiking in the rainforests of the Congo last year. His mother was with him for several medical appointments. Also after Judd’s recovery, she joined him in a cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains.

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