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Model Traps Guard in Beauty Trap Mother Escapes From Jail

A beautiful model creates a film story to get her mother out of jail. He first somehow brought the rope to the mother and then entangled the guards of the jail in the net of his beauty. Meanwhile, taking the opportunity, the mother got down from the third floor and escaped.

The model created a conspiracy

An Instagram model frees her jailed mother by trapping a security guard in her beauty trap. When the model was engaging the guard in talks. Then the mother got down with the help of a rope and ran away with the bike rider. However, the entire incident was caught on cameras. Now the model daughter is facing court action.

Was jailed for election-related offense

According to the report of ‘Mirror’. Colombian-born model Victoria Merlino reportedly managed to get her mother Aida Merlano Rebolado out of prison. Former politician Rebolledo was imprisoned in Bogota prison on charges of election-related offenses. Victoria carried out this entire plan of jailbreak. First, he brought the rope to the mother and then trapped the guards of the jail in the net of his beauty.

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Mother came out in two weeks

This case is from the time when Merlano Rebolledo was a senator in the year 2019. But after his election victory, he was convicted of illegal weapons, voter fraud, and corruption. Rebolledo was sentenced to 15 years in prison within six months of his election victory. She came out of jail only two weeks later. For this, his daughter cleverly executed the whole plan.

Execution of the crime given in this way

The model got a chance to free her mother from prison when a dentist was appointed for Rebolledo. Rebolledo reached the prison’s investigation room to see the doctor in the presence of the guard, where his daughter Victoria Merlino was also present. The daughter somehow saved her eyes and gave the rope to the mother, then trapped the guards in the net of her beauty. When the model was talking to the guards. The mother got down from the third floor with the help of a rope and escaped riding on an already parked bike.

The Dentist had helped the model!

After escaping from jail, the model’s mother left the country. However, he was later brought back to Colombia. Now the hearing against the daughter is going on in the court. In this case, the dentist is also suspected of helping the accused. Police officers say It was almost impossible to carry out such an incident without any internal help.

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