Model Jenna Bentley Stood Undressed For Hours At A Party

An American model has exposed the truth about the Halloween parties being held at the Playboy Mansion. Model says. At a party, she had to stay without clothes for several hours and every couple present there was openly making intimate relation. However, the model also says that whatever happened in that party happened of her own free will. Because she could not refuse the offer of the Playboy founder.

Hugh Hefner met

According to the report of ‘The Sun’, 32-year-old Jenna Bentley was introduced to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner by her boyfriend at their party. This thing happened when Jena was just 18 years old. The model said, ‘When we arrived at the party, Hefner asked me if I would like to get my body painted? I said yes to this. After that, I had to remain nude for at least four hours. There was no point in wearing clothes after being painted.

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Many celebrities were also present in the party.

Jenna Bentley told that many celebrities were also present at that party. who were having sex openly? Everyone present at the party was lost in himself. He said, ‘From leaders to actors, many well-known people were present in the party. But I can’t name anyone. I had a lot of fun there too. To be honest, it was at this party that I came to know that I like women too.

Was afraid of

Jenna, who is known for her bold pictures, shared her experience of the party. There was not a single cloth on my body. The paint costume was so meticulously made that even small ornaments were designed in it. I was worried as to what would happen if the paint came off due to sweat but everything was perfect. The model told that in that party everyone’s clothes were different and everyone was openly having sex. Nobody was ashamed of anybody.

can’t name anyone

Jenna further said that I cannot take anyone’s name. This would be a very dirty job. But I can definitely say that famous musicians, politicians and many other celebrities were present in that party. She said, ‘That night was special for me, because that night I realized that I am attracted to girls. However, I did not tell anyone about it at my house as I was confused.

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