Revelations are being made about the founder of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner, on the disclosure of his girlfriend, model Holly Madison. This time around, Madison has spoken candidly about the bad first night she had with Hefner.

Model Holly Madison reveals about Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy magazine

Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend Holly Madison has been sharing her moments and experiences spent at Playboy Mansion without stopping. Once again he has made sensational revelations about Hugh Hefner. Madison became Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend at the age of 21. This time he has spoken openly about the painful experience of his first night. The ‘Girls Next Door star is now 41. She told that with Hugh Hefner, she went to the club with some other girls.

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What happened to Madison on the first night at the Playboy Mansion?

According to a news published in the Daily Mail, Madison said. I wasn’t expecting to have sex that night. I thought it would be a different feeling night like the first ‘date’. If I didn’t like it, I didn’t have to do anything and I was free to make my own decision whether I wanted to come back here or not. She further said, ‘It was not a good experience, I was not expecting much to have sex that night. He (Hugh Hefner) was really pushed on me and after that, I was embarrassed and broke more emotionally than I thought.’

Madison made serious allegations against Hefner

Madison said, ‘After joining the Playboy Mansion, I felt suddenly. Everyone is going to know about me and I was very nervous about it. Madison also made revelations about Hefner’s alleged tactics to control women. The model claims that the founder of Playboy took photos without her and other women’s consent.

women used to be drunk

Madison alleged, ‘The girls used to accompany Hefner to the nightclub in the limo and then back into the room. So he used to continuously take their pictures with his disposable camera. All these women were mostly drunk. I know I was too drunk. The reality star compared it to ‘revenge porn’, which is when a person shares things related to a partner’s privacy without their consent.