The model wants to enjoy her male fans. Whose job lost or their girlfriend has left. Preparations are being made to give special gifts to such people on Christmas.

From Christmas to New Year’s celebrations all over the world including India

In this festive season, special offers are also being given to woo people. But Britain’s famous model has decided to give a unique Christmas gift to her loved ones.

The model will give free service on Christmas

The model wants to enjoy her male fans who have lost their jobs or have left their girlfriends. Preparations are being made to give special gifts to such people on Christmas. This model named Vista Wife has announced that she will provide free service on her Only Fans page and will also answer questions to people throughout the day by staying live there.

Vista Wife told ‘Daily Star’ that I got a lot of messages. Those who have lost their jobs and want to subscribe to my page but they do not have money. Some people were like this, so they are away from their family due to work at the festival. For all these reasons, I have decided to give free service one day so that people can enjoy the festival.

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‘Now is the time to return the people’

The model says that she has earned a lot of money from the TikTok page to Only Fans but now Christmas is the time to return it. He told that there is no one to talk to some people on Christmas and because of this, he becomes very sad. Through this work, such people helped and their festival will pass well.

The model says that on that day she will chat with people for free and will fulfill their every request on the online platform. Normally a charge has to be paid for subscribing to the page, but the model will provide free service for one day.

husband suggested the idea

Vista told that the idea of ​​doing adult stunts on the only fans page given to her by her husband. During this, many times she invites the couple along with her when their children have gone to school. He says that there are many people who thank me for this work and they help me a lot in life.

The woman says that the advice to people on the new year is to learn to live their life in a cool way. Also, take correct and safe advice from people, it is going to be very useful for you.