Minions The Rise Of Gru Star Steve Carell Tells CBB Bedtime Story

Minions: The Rise of Gru star Steve Carell has read a CBeebies bedtime story, the story of which will air today (July 1) to coincide with the film’s release.

A Bedtime Story for CBBz

Carell read The Eyebrows of Doom, written by Steve Smallman and illustrated by Miguel Ordóez. The story follows Dave Bear and his friends as they try to stop Doom’s Eyebrows from leaping from one unsuspecting animal to another. Speaking of the project, he said: “I loved reading to my kids When they were little, it was so much a joy to read a bedtime story for CBBz — about a pair of naughty eyebrows wreaking havoc, which is something we can all relate to. Per.

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The honor of reading CBB’s Bedtime Story

Joining Harry Styles, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy, David Swimmer, Dolly Parton, Dave Grohl, Orlando Bloom and Rose Ayling-Ellis, the actor is the latest in a long line of stars to have the honor of reading the CBB’s Bedtime Story. Now in theaters, Carell reprises his role as Gru in the Despicable Me movie franchise for the fifth time.

“Old Gru a little more tired and a little more crusty

This time focusing on the character’s backstory, Minions: The Rise of Gru will introduce us to 12-year-old Gru before he becomes the supervillain of the previous Despicable Me films. Carell previously talked about voicing a younger Gru Key, told Digital Spy: “As we start to go through the dialogue, you start to feel it. It was a little different because Gru’s voice and his demeanor are a little different too because he’s so young and So honest and so excited.

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