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Match Postponed Due to Corona Covid Test of 3805 Players and Staff

English Premier League:- Before the match between Manchester United and Brentford postpone, the match between Tottenham and Brighton also postponed.

English Premier League Postponed

The cases of Coronavirus have started increasing once again. The effect of which started showing again on sports. The match between Manchester United and Brentford has been postponed due to increasing cases of corona infection during English Premier League football. This is the second match in the last 3 days which has postpone.

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Club Staff Investigation Revealed 42 Cases

Till Sunday, 42 cases report after the investigation of 3805 players and club staff, that is, 12 cases have increased in the last seven days. Some United players and staff found to be positive after a 1-0 win over Norwich.

Restrictions Related to Corona Epidemic re-Implemented

The Premier League board accepted United’s request to postpone Tuesday’s match because of this. Earlier Sunday’s match between Tottenham and Brighton also postponed. Because at least 8 players found positive.

Norwich and Aston Villa Teams Also Transitioned

Cases of infection have also found in Norwich and Aston Villa teams. Due to the increase in cases of the Omicron variant in the UK, some restrictions related to the corona epidemic have been re-imposed. Including wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

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