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Massive Bomb Blast in Pakistan Four Soldiers killed

There has been a bomb blast in Pakistan, the responsibility of which has been claimed by ISKP, the Afghanistan-based branch of the Islamic State. Four soldiers have died in this attack. While many injured.

bomb blast in Pakistan

Four soldiers killed and six seriously injured in a bomb blast in the Sibi district of Pakistan’s Balochistan province. It an IED attack, which happened close to the convoy of security forces. According to security sources, soon after the incident, the security forces cordoned off the area, and the bodies of the dead and injured shifted to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) via air ambulance.

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attack from a distance of 800 meters

Initial investigation revealed that it was a suicide attack. Officials said the latest attack took place less than 800 meters from the spot where Alvi had attended a function. A senior official of Balochistan Hashim Ghilzai has confirmed the death toll. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility, saying that one of its fighters blew himself up. It said that its terrorists are present in the neighboring country of Afghanistan.

ISKP claimed responsibility for the attack

The Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP), the Afghanistan-based branch of the terrorist organization Islamic State, has claimed responsibility for the attack. According to a media report, Balochistan Chief Minister Quddus Bijenjo strongly condemned the blast, saying it was an annual festival and an attempt to disturb peace in the province. And such conspiracies foiled.

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