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Marcus Rashford Sets First Manchester United Test by Steve McLaren

Manchester United wrote and followed the right script when they first went into business under Eric Ten Haag. And without a headline act, Cristiano Ronaldo did so in his constant absence from the touring party.

Ronaldo always taking center stage

Given his enormous stature. Ronaldo was always going to take center stage. Even when he chose not to fly to Bangkok with his teammates. But with at least 90 minutes to go against Liverpool, the saga was forgotten and United provided a glimpse of what life could look like after Ronaldo (part two).

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Facundo Pallistri leads Jurgen Klopp in Thailand

Jadon Sancho, Fred, Anthony Martial, and Facundo Pallistri scored for Jurgen Klopp in Thailand which of those four players do you need the most to trust. Hard work will be done to settle on this. A few others, including Marcus Rashford, may have cut off your hand so that they could find the trap themselves.

Although the players out of England were not particularly different in that opener, there are early signs. That he would be able to overcome the challenge posed to him by new United assistant coach Steve McLaren. Rashford himself had indicated this during an outing in front of the world’s media after touching down in Melbourne.

long break physically and mentally

“I’m in a good place right now,” Rashford said. “It’s been a little unusual for me to take such a long break in the summer. I think I only had less than four weeks. So I got a long break, both physically and mentally.”

“He gets distracted very easily and doesn’t fight through bad moments. Somebody needs to give him the tools to come out of bad times. Because he doesn’t know how to live.”

in social media clips and press conferences

Rashford did not find the net against Liverpool and it was Sancho and Martial who took advantage of their height and running for the season. However, judging by the social media clips from the pre-season training and the comments made at the press conference. McClaren has struck a chord with the Withanshaw-born Academy graduate somewhere.

Rashford now appears at ease with himself and his game once again. And that would be welcome news for Ten Hag, supporters, and the England setup as well. Similarly, the future of Ronaldo was also debated this summer. But the next goal is very clear for Rashford.

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