Man Slammed for Telling Wife No Sex Until She Looks ‘More Like Megan Fox’

Machine Gun Kelly might have some competition when it comes to her fiancé Megan Fox.

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Now suspended, a woman claims her husband is more influenced by actress Megan Fox than his wife, resulting in a rare intimacy between the two. If that’s not bizarre enough, she responded to the confrontation , “No one will replace me like Megan.” The “True of My Chest” forum post, which can be viewed here, has caught the attention of many, being upvoted more than 14,000 times, including confusing Users have about 2,000 comments.

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Fox, an actress and model, has 20.4 million Instagram followers and 1.3 million followers on Twitter. The woman claimed that she tried to seduce her husband for hours after dinner, but eventually gave up. After a movie of Megan Fox started playing on television after dinner, his mood changed dramatically and he began to feel “hot”.

A surprised user said

, ‘I don’t understand how people stay in these relationships.’ , one Redditor replied, “Looks like you have a roommate who doesn’t pay rent.”

One disgusting user said,

Finally, she confronted him and said, “I’ve been trying to get this response from you for a whole 10 hours!!!” To which she claimed she replied, “What? No one will replace me like Megan.” One disgusted user said, “I hate people who obsess and fetishize on people, they have 0.5 of a meeting There’s a % chance and a 0.001% chance that they might even look in their direction.”

While others wondered whether the woman chose to leave out some of the details, and questioned why the couple married if she was being treated this way. One user then advised her to consider separating, further elaborating and said, “It’s not about being dramatic, it’s about raising your standards for what a loving partnership looks like. You don’t ‘tolerate’ each other, let each other down.” , or taking your relationship lightly.”

Responses to comments from shocked users

In an article published in Psychology Today, Wendy L. Patrick described how “extra-relational busyness detracts from the current relational quality. This has been demonstrated to include fascination and idolatry with celebrity figures.” Patrick advised couples to avoid unrealistic futures. Spend more time building and developing healthy, genuine relationships rather than fantasizing about partners. In it, the woman said, “At first I thought he was not serious!!! I am definitely not okay with it.”

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