MAMAMOO’s Moonbull and Solar make their upcoming unit comeback

Mamamoo’s unit ‘Mamamoo+’ will be back on March 29. According to the agency RBW, on March 9, Mamamoo+, consisting of Solar and Moonbull, will release their first single album ‘Act 1, Scene 1’ on the 29th. This new album is an album that has another debut of Solar and Moonbul, just like the album name, which means ‘Act 1, Scene 1’, and you can meet the new music change of the two.

Almost 7 months after the release of the digital single ‘Better’

With this, Mamamoo+ will be back almost 7 months after the release of the digital single ‘Better’ with rapper Big Nasty in August last year. Mamamoo’s first unit group Mamamoo+ made its debut with the intention of going beyond Mamamoo and doing various activities without limiting the music and concepts. To coincide with the comeback news, MAMAMOO+ posted the artwork for ‘ACT 1 SCENE 1’ on their official social media handles at midnight on March 9th. The album name and release date are written on a dark pink background reminiscent of MAMAMOO’s debut album, which attracts attention. , Mamamoo+’s first single album will be released on March 29.

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His excellent singing skills in the ‘second world’

Moonbyul appeared as a judge on the 5th episode of JTBC’s ‘Peak Time’, which aired on March 8, and will go through the survival audition for the first time since his debut. ‘Peak Time’ is a survival program that features a ‘team battle’ for the first time in the history of idol auditions. Moonbull acts as a strong mentor to the birth of a new star with its current judges. Earlier, Moonbyul won the final championship in JTBC’s ‘Second World’ with her excellent singing skills. As MAMAMOO, he has acquired solid skills in many competition events, such as lifting the Mnet ‘Queendom’ championship trophy.

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