Malaika Arora Came Out On The Road Wearing Short Clothes

Actually, in these pictures, Malaika Arora is seen wearing very short clothes. She is wearing a very short short and a crop top.

Bollywood Actress Malaika Arora

Bollywood actress Malaika Arora is seen in bold style every day. Even at this stage of age, she keeps herself very fit and regularly attends her yoga and gym classes. Paparazzi keep waiting for him outside yoga and gym class.

Dressed in Such a Way That She Became a Troll

The actress herself is very active on social media and keeps sharing something for the fans every day. Paparazzi also keep sharing her bold pictures on fan pages. Recently, Malaika Arora was seen on the road in a very bold style, after which her pictures are being shared fiercely. Trolling is also happening because of these photos.

Malaika Was Seen in Short Shorts And Tops

Actually, in these pictures, Malaika Arora is seen wearing very short clothes. She is wearing a very short short and a crop top. She was seen outside her yoga class in this outfit. Now her pictures have become viral on the internet and fans are trolling her fiercely for wearing such clothes.

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What is Malaika’s Health Diet

Malaika told that she does not eat anything in the morning, her morning starts with coconut water, cumin water, or plain water. In the evening around 7-7:30, Malaika takes proper food but for the next 18 hours she does not eat anything. But to break the fast, Malaika likes to take peanuts, walnuts. Let us tell you that Malaika takes care of her health by eating proper, her evening meal consists of things with carbs. Things like meat, eggs, legumes or pulses are definitely included in their plate.

So Fit Even at The Age of 48

Due to the strict diet, fitness freak Malaika rarely goes out to have dinner. All their food is home cooked. That is why even at the age of 48, Malaika is ahead in terms of fashion, beauty, and fitness. Recently, Malaika shared a video while doing yoga, in which she was seen doing top postures, here it is also Malaika’s favorite. Many such yoga stunts are easily performed by Malaika.

Malaika Wanted To Give a Good Environment To Her Son

Malaika had said, I wanted to give a good environment to raise my son. Not an environment in which there is only turmoil. With time, he had accepted the decision and was happier than ever. He saw that after the divorce, we (Malaika and Arbaaz) were looking happier than ever before. While in a marriage relationship it was not so. One day my son said to me, Mom, I am very happy to see you happy and laughing. Let us tell you that after the divorce, the court handed over the responsibility of son Arhaan to Malaika because during that time he was 12 years old. Now Arhaan has gone abroad to study.

Users put Malaika Arora’s class

Trolling him, a user wrote, ‘Why is he even wearing this?’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘Has so much poverty come?’ Let us tell you that Malaika is seen wearing sleepers in these pictures. Somebody asked him the reason for coming out wearing such short clothes, then in a jokingly wrote that these celebrities do not feel cold.

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