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Major Train Accident In Karnataka

Five bogies of Kannur Bengaluru Express derailed. According to the information, the accident happened between Topuru Tiwari.

Major train accident in Karnataka

A major train accident averted in Karnataka on Friday morning. At around 3.50 am, five coaches of the Kannur-Bengaluru Express suddenly derailed between Toppuru-Sivadi in the Bengaluru division. According to information received from South Western Railway, all 2348 passengers are safe at the time of the accident. There is no report of any casualties.

More than 2300 thousand passengers were on the train

According to South Western Railway, the accident happened at around 3.50 am on Friday. A rock fell from the mountain between Toppuru-Sivadi, due to which 5 coaches of Kannur Bengaluru Express derailed. According to the information received from the Railways, a total of 2348 passengers were on this train. There is no information about any casualties in the accident. All the passengers are said to be safe.

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Relief work continues, many trains diverted

After getting the information, railway employees reached the spot. The work of repair of the track started. Trains coming on this route have been stopped for the time being or are being diverted. Passengers should not inconvenienced. After repairing the track, Kannur Bengaluru Express will be sent further. However, nothing can be said about how long it will take now.

time of accident

The accident happened because it happened around 3.50 pm at night. At that time people were sleeping on the train. According to the passengers present in the train, huge stones started falling on the train during the accident. At one point it felt as if there an explosion.

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