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Mahi Jabra Fan Reached Ranchi by Walking 1436 km From Haryana

The number of fans of Mahendra Singh Dhoni is in crores but there are some such fans too. Whose Dhoni himself becomes a fan. To meet Dhoni, reached Ranchi by walking 1436 km from Haryana. Ajay Gill is one such Jabra fan. His wish of meeting Mahi came true. Ajay Gill hugged Mahendra Dhoni and said I love you too.

Reached Ranchi by Walking 1436 km From Haryana

Millions of people are fans of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. But there are some whose Dhoni also becomes a fan. Ajay Gill, who reached Ranchi by walking 1436 km from Haryana for only one meeting with Dhoni, is one of them. In fact, his wish of meeting Mahi was fulfilled. Ajay Gill hugged Mahendra Dhoni and said I love you too. Dhoni himself made arrangements to send Ajay back to Haryana by flight. Mahi not only met Ajay Gill, who reached Ranchi from Haryana but also called him inside his farmhouse.

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Ajay Reached Ranchi by Walking for the Second Time

Ajay is a resident of Haryana’s Jalan Kheda and this is the second time that he had reached Ranchi by walking about fourteen and a half hundred kilometers to meet Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Before this, he had reached Ranchi on 26 July this year as well. At that time Dhoni was not in Ranchi and Ajay could not meet him. He lived here on the sidewalk on the side of the roads for several days. Later, the local people sent him back to Haryana via flight.

Set out and Arrived After 20 days of Continuous Walking

Ajay said that a few days ago Dhoni had come into his dream and then he had asked when he would meet him? In the dream itself, Dhoni had told him that this time he will definitely meet. When his eyes opened after the dream, he once again left for Ranchi on foot and came here after walking continuously for 20 days. Ajay said that he also wants to make a career in cricket. But he had taken a vow a few years ago that till he would not meet Dhoni.

Very Happy to Meet Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni retired He had stopped playing. But now he will once again start his career again by taking his blessings. After meeting Dhoni, Ajay came out of the farmhouse and expressed happiness. Ajay said that he is very happy to meet Dhoni. The result of walking 1436 km for him was good. A photo of Ajay and Mahendra Singh Dhoni is becoming increasingly viral.

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