Madonna Begins With Celebration With Son David At Star-Studded NYC Pride Party

Madonna kicked off New York City Pride with a star-studded “celebration.” On Thursday night, the pop icon put on “Wow, finally enough love.” Which is an impressive variety show for fans at Terminal 5 in Hell’s Kitchen, a predominantly gay neighborhood.

Pageant RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Bob the Drag Queen

Pageant RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Bob the Drag Queen – who moves on. as well as performances by Violet Chachki, Lagazza Etranza, and Pixie Aventura. who performed in some of Madge’s biggest hits, from “Vogue” to “Justify My Love.” Also making a cameo throughout the evening was Madonna’s 16-year-old son David, who joined in for some comedy and dancing.

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In the middle of the show, Madonna joins the queens on stage

In the middle of the show, Madonna joins the queens on stage. Where the infamous Tardy star cracked a joke about being on time for a bar before addressing the packed crowd. Which included stars like Zachary Quinto, Jonathan Groff, Billy Eichner, and Julia Fox. As well as drag stars Gotmic and Gigi Goode.

What did Madonna say?

New York City, you know we are the greatest city in the world for many reasons. Said Madonna, who partnered with NFT company WOW (Women’s World) for the event. “I was asked to perform at many Pride shows. The world – but I can never turn down New York City. Because that’s the city where I was born. I passed out from my mother’s vagina in Bay City, Michigan But I was born in New York City.

A long-time LGBTQ ally said?

The longtime LGBTQ ally said: “It’s a very vulnerable crowd. Is ketamine going bad? Anyway, in case you don’t know. The reason New York is so great is, I’m pretty sure, that first queer human Grown from this city. I think they came from the caves of Central Park West. I’ve heard this conspiracy theory, that I don’t believe is a conspiracy theory. Anyway, not only is New York City the best in the world The place is because of the bachelors here.

New York City is the best city in the world

Let me tell you something, if you can make it here, you must be queer. did you hear what I said? ‘New York, New York’ sings in the melody ‘If you can make it here, you’re probably so queer.’ Another reason why New York City is the best city in the world. Another very important reason. We have the best pizza. Yes, leave it for pizza in New York.

Madonna’s new 16-song remix album celebrated

During the rest of the hour-long show – which celebrated Madonna’s new 16-song remix album. Finally Enough Love – Madonna performed with drag queens as well as queer artists like Saucy Santana and Tokischa. With whom he shared a make-out session. After closing the show with a performance of their 2009 track “Celebration”. Madonna said goodbye to the crowd, saying “We love you – I love you” before leaving for “Holiday”.

Material Girl turned into Mecca

The venue was turned into a Material Girl mecca, and plastered with the queen of pop’s career-spanning albums and singles. Featured song title-inspired cocktail (like “Into the Groove”) from Belvedere. “Sticky and Sweet” – themed snacks; A M A C Cosmetics Viva Glam Station A photo booth activation. montage highlighting clips from her most iconic music videos; And the exclusive merchant from the one-night-only event, which was also sponsored by The Sandbox and Linktree.

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