Luton’s mecca bingo rivals Vegas as it plans to let bingo lovers get married at the venue

If you are looking for wedding venues and love bingo then Lushan has a venue that might be right for you.

Mecca Bingo Testing in Luton

The experience tested exclusively at Mecca Bingo Luton following approval of the license application. Lucky-in-love couples will have the chance to celebrate not only their love for each other but their passion for bingo. Mecca Bingo Luton The experience particularly tested – more wedding balls than wedding bells, as the club will provide a strange and fun backdrop for couples who have hit the jackpot of love!

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Knot the knot in style with a bespoke feel

Named ‘The Little Pink Chapel of Mecca’, this package will cater to couples who are looking for something a little different. Couples will be able to tie the knot in style with a bespoke experience – think full on Vegas glamour, complete with neon and optional extras including drag queen celebrities, Mecca’s own Mecca Main Ring Bearer and even bingo ball bouquets! Getting lucky will take on a whole new meaning after the ceremony, as the wedding party can raise not only those in love, but also the heartbeat with a fun and fast bingo game for all the guests.

Sarah O’Neill, Head of Innovation at Mecca Bingo said

Sarah O’Neill, head of innovation at Mecca Bingo, said: “Our customers love bingo, and couples regularly engage at our venues, so we thought why not invite them to say ‘I do’ at the club too?” Given the opportunity! With a game after the wedding breakfast, the lucky couple might have a chance to win their honeymoon money too!

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