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Luckiest House in the World

Happened on the Atlantic island of La Palma, Spain. The volcanic eruption caused a lot of damage. The boiling lava kept destroying everything around, but miraculously one house was saved. This house is now being called the luckiest house in the world.

The World’s Most ‘Lucky House’

A house located among the mountains in Spain is being called the most ‘lucky house’ in the world. This is because after the eruption of the volcano. Its safe to stay even after the lava came out. Where the blazing lava took everything around in its lap. There this small house stood safely. The people of Spain are considering it a miracle. At the same time, there is no place for the happiness of the owner of the house.

People Had left Everything

According to the report of ‘The Sun’. Volcano on the Atlantic island of La Palma after an eruption. Lava was coming out of it. After this the administration evacuated people from La Palma and shifted them to a safe place. People left everything and went away to save their lives. No one expected that they would have anything left. But a house stood as before even in the midst of this natural disaster.

More Than 350 Houses Destroyed

The report states that The lava emanating from the volcanic eruption destroyed more than 350 homes. But nothing happened to the house of the retired Danish couple. The mistress of the house said, ‘When we came to know, our tears came out because of happiness. We can’t believe that our home is safe. Let us tell you that most of the houses and schools in the area have been destroyed by the lava.

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