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LPG Price Hiked Again On First Day Of December

Rising inflation has broken the back of the general public and on the first day of December, once again people have suffered a severe blow of inflation. Petroleum companies have increased the price of gas (LPG Price Hike) from today and the price of commercial cylinder has been increased by Rs 100. It is a matter of relief that the increase has happened only in the commercial cylinder and there is no change in the price of domestic LPG cylinder. However, after the increase in the prices of commercial cylinders, the food and drink of the restaurant can become expensive.

Commercial cylinder price crosses Rs 2100

After the increase of Rs 100 in the price of commercial cylinder, the price of 19 kg cylinder in the capital of the country has gone up to Rs 2101. Earlier on November 1, the price of commercial LPG gas cylinder was increased by Rs 266 and the price of gas was Rs 2000.50.

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Commercial Cylinder Price in Metros (Commercial LPG Price)

After an increase of Rs 100, the price of a commercial cylinder in Kolkata has gone up to Rs 2177, while in Mumbai a 19 kg cylinder is being sold for Rs 2051. Whereas in Chennai, Rs 2234 will have to be paid for a commercial cylinder.

The price was increased in September and October also.

Earlier in September and October also, petroleum companies had increased the price of commercial LPG cylinder. The price of a 19 kg commercial gas cylinder was increased by Rs 43 on September 1 and Rs 75 on October 1.

Domestic Gas Cylinder Price (LPG Price) has not increased

There has been no change in the prices of domestic gas cylinders this time and the prices were last increased in October. The price of non-subsidised 14.2 kg domestic LPG cylinder in Delhi and Mumbai is now Rs 899.50. The price of domestic gas is Rs 926 in Kolkata, while the cost of a 14 kg cylinder is Rs 915.5 in Chennai.

Check your city prices like this

If you want to know the new prices of gas cylinders in your city, then you can check it on the official website of the government oil company. For this, you have to visit the IOCL website ( After this, select the state, district and distributor on the website and then click on search. After this the prices of gas cylinders will come in front of you.

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