Love Island Stars After Showing Boobs At Cheltenham Festival

Warning, explicit content Two former Love Island stars were banned from the racecourse. Because of his drunken antics, there was a scene at the Cheltenham Festival in 2016.

Banned from Cheltenham and other UK racecourses

Two former Love Island stars have been banned from Cheltenham and other UK racecourses after flashing their breasts while taking part in the prestigious festival. We were drunk young girls having fun. I apologize if I offended anyone, but really, haven’t you guys seen nipples before?”

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OnlyFans star and lingerie model Katie Salmon

OnlyFans star and lingerie model Katie Salmon attended the 2016 festival with fellow Love Islander Jessica Hayes. When stunning models showed their breasts to photographers from a hospitality box. Then at age 20, Salmon faced criticism for his drunken antics. as the pair showed off their assets in a stunning outfit.

The funny side of Cheltenham Racecourse officials

Officials at Cheltenham Racecourse failed to see the funny side and banned the stunning models from the racecourse for life. However, Salmon returned to the festival three years later in 2019 after vowing to refrain from any more eye-catching stunts. I have painted a bad image in the past and it is not something I am known for even now. It comes up a lot and to this day I will always be known as the Cheltenham Girl.

Salmon showing off her body on her Instagram page

Salmon isn’t afraid to show off her body on her Instagram page. Whose over 269,000 followers regularly post photos in lingerie outfits. On the adults-only OnlyFans page, ‘The Scouse Goddess’ has received over 1,700 likes and said. “My content, charm, and intelligence will keep you hooked.

Despite being confident to display the body

Despite being confident about showcasing her body, Salmon said she would not repeat her Cheltenham antics. Even though I am very proud of my body and I love my body and I am not ashamed to show it. I wouldn’t do it again in that context if it makes sense,” she told the Daily Star. “Of course, I will run again at Cheltenham, but I will never behave like that again.

I might have furthered my career

“I probably furthered my career, sure, without a doubt, but I would never behave like that again. In this day and age, people judge you by how you behave, and even ​That’s when there’s drink involved or whatever. Obviously, everyone behaves differently around that, but people are so excited these days. Being in the spotlight now I have to be careful of the example I’m setting.

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