Love Island Laura Whitmore Accused Of Trying To Humiliate Contestant

However, some viewers questioned why a “panic” Remy was made to stand and sang in front of everyone.

Laura Whitmore on Sunday Night’s Episode of Afterseason

Laura Whitmore clapped for her claim of trying to “humiliate” Remy on Sunday night’s episode of Afterseason. The newly dumped Love Islander appeared on the reality spin-off show. where she spoke with host Laura about her time at the villa – which was cut short on Friday.

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After Luca is taken away by new girl Danica

Gemma chose David after Luca was taken in by new girl Danica. Which left the decision of Remi or Ikena to India. He chose Ikena and Remi was sent packing. And upon appearing at the afterseason, Remy was asked by Laura to rap and was duly obliged. However, some viewers questioned why a “nervous” Remy was made to get up and sing in front of everyone.

One disgruntled fan said

One disgruntled fan said: “Hope #LoveIsland supports Remy. He seemed broken on #Loveislandaftersun, for raping her, saying it was in bad faith and humiliating. I thought @ thewhitmore and crew have to be kind.

But Irish lady Laura wasn’t happy with the comment

But Irish lady Laura was not happy with the comment, and responded on Twitter Monday morning, saying “Remy is a rapper. And she asked in good faith beforehand if he would rap and produce something he did. Live. Telly is nervous, believe me, so maybe he was a little nervous. But he deserved to have his time. Also, I want to make Remi and Aafia.

Love Island legend Chloe Burroughs

However, Love Island legends Chloe Burroughs and Toby Aromolran were left crying in Remy Lambert’s exit rap. Because he appeared as a guest on the show. But 22-year-old Remy left Chloe and Toby crying because he forgot his words. Again a fourth wrote: “Chloe and Toby’s face when Remy rapped.

On Twitter, one wrote

Fans immediately took to social media to share their reaction to the strange mistake. On Twitter, one wrote: “He asked Remy to do a rap after the sun and he forgot his bars again.” Another commented: “This is Toby’s face for me when Remy started rapping.” Remy is going to make a whole song about this LMAO, added a third.

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