Lori Harvey Is In A Really Good Place This Summer After Her Breakup From Michael B Jordan

Lori Harvey looks forward to a hot girl summer as she moves on after her breakup from Michael B. I’m in a really, really good place,” the model told E! News on June 23, without mentioning the split. “Like, really happy, I’m excited for summer. I feel like this is the first summer when we don’t have any real restrictions like we are out of lockdown. So I feel good.

Steve Harvey’s daughter launched her own skincare brand SKN BY LH last year

Steve Harvey’s daughter, who launched her skincare brand SKN by LH last year, said, “Business is going well. I have some fun new projects coming up soon that I’m working on. So I’m so excited to share this with everyone. Just excited to grow, keep evolving, keep learning as I go.” In her interview with E! News, Lori also shared the best advice her parents ever gave her on navigating life in the public eye. “In order not to get bogged down in the comments section.

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Wakuda made his remarks two days before the Las Vegas opening

Lori, 25, the second branch of Chef Tetsuya Wakuda’s Japanese restaurant at the Venice Casino & Resort. Wakuda made his remarks two days before the opening of Las Vegas. This is Chef Tetsuya’s first restaurant he serves in the U.S. opening in. This is really a big deal. He is a two Michelin-star chef. So I’m really excited to try this omakase experience,” said Lori. “Japanese is literally my all-time favorite dish.

Lori told E

“I was honestly really excited to put so many people on Pilates that probably never tried that before,” Lowry told E! news. “I’ve got a great response from this. I’ve DMed a lot of girls and should be like, ‘Oh my god, you were right. It’s a game-changer, like, I already see a difference in my body’ I love when people try and really like what I suggest. That makes me happy.

In her TikTok video, Lori said?

Lori, who counts sushi as one of her favorite dishes, also spoke about how she stays fit. After turning heads with a dress that exposed her abs at the 2022 Met Gala in May. The model posted a TikTok video to share her diet and fitness regimen, which includes Pilates. In her TikTok video, Lori said. That she had gained “15 pounds of relationship weight” after she began dating Michael in late 2020. Her separation from the Black Panther actor was made public earlier this month.

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