L’Oréal Celebrates Women With Natural Skin

L’Oréal Paris in collaboration with Chinese lingerie and loungewear lifestyle brand NEIWAI has launched a campaign that encourages women in China to boldly embrace their natural skin tone and true authentic self.

A New Limited-Edition Lipstick Collection Made by L’Oreal Paris

The campaign “It Takes Boldness to Be Nude” includes a new limited-edition lipstick collection produced by L’Oréal Paris and a new cotton underwear collection by NEIWAI.Both the collections will be launched with exact-matching color tones.Which are named after the characteristics of the natural body. The campaign showcases L’Oreal Paris and NEIWAI’s shared focus on diverse beauty and women’s empowerment through two product lines that complement Asian skin tones. They aim to encourage every woman in China to boldly embrace her natural skin tone and true authentic self.

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DMI L’Oreal General Manager Lily Lee said?

Lily Li, General Manager of DMI L’Oreal, said, “Nude tones suit every Chinese woman and are the perfect basis for showing off natural beauty. We encourage every woman to embrace her unique self and feel empowered by her natural beauty.” want.” Paris. “Many people think that underwear and lipstick are two completely unrelated products. Women wear one inside and one out. I love it,” said the brand’s director Heli Xue, NEIWAI.

Looking for Insight

Creative agency McCann Shanghai has also selected everyday women to join the campaign. In the video, they share their thoughts about self-worth as part of brands’ efforts to deliver an authentic voice. Seeking insight, the McCann China Beauty team asked the women a slew of questions. Including his definition of “nude color” and his perspective on the adventure.

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