London Opens Up On Her Healing Journey In The First Episode Of Angie Martinez Podcast

On the first episode of Angie Martinez’s podcast, London opened up on her healing journey. Angie Martinez enlists the perfect guiding light, to ring in her new podcast Angie Martinez IRL. Lauren London—actress, mother, and forever partner of the late Nipsey Hussle—discussed healing, spirituality, her deep connection with death, along with the radio host. And discussed the first episode of the podcast.

Martinez said during the opening moments of the episode?

There’s a lot to learn from you,” Martinez said during the episode’s opening moments, and she was right. London has been shrouded by many interviews and presentations in the years since Nipp’s tragic death. But there’s a supernatural being in those moments. The person remains, when he stepped into the limelight for a while. It was actually Didi who pulled him aside for saying this. Look boog, you’ve shown, everyone holding a guy down and asking him What does love look like?

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Speaking on Death and the Lack of “Death Etiquette”

With the last three years raising two sons and finding a new sense of normalcy, life required a lot of growth and illiteracy on the part of London. Speaking on death and the lack of “death etiquette,” she admitted, “You don’t know how to face the fear of death. Unless it’s at your front door. The front row at funerals is different. It was in that moment that she broke out of her ego and realized that her relationship with God really began. How the 37-year-old works through today’s life required a renunciation of the ego.

During the conversation of about 48 minutes

During the conversation of about 48 minutes, the slain rapper was mentioned frequently. But from the moment he heard that he had been shot. How London navigated her relationship with God until then. until his speech at the funeral proves that God gives the toughest fight. The strongest soldiers—whether they realize it or not. Now, show them what it looks like when it all crumbles. It is your responsibility to show your head up.

Martinez attended Nipsey’s funeral

Martinez attended Nipsey’s funeral in London’s strong, royal demeanor, a day that London barely remembers. “I felt like it was real, and I felt like—I can honestly say that God was leading me through this. He was all God. I wasn’t even going to get dressed. I was supposed to sweat,” He explained. I think God dropped the ball on me. I took his death real personally,” she reflected. She talked about that when the question “Why don’t you?” So how did his attitude change?

London remembered when after everything was over

London recalled when everything had “faded from black” after the finish. Then it all became true. “I was like, ‘Oh sh*t, you’re in it.’ It’s a tunnel, baby and you have to walk through it. It’s not a shortcut. You can’t look back because it’s nothing there and all you see is black ahead. You don’t know how much this tunnel is. It’s long and there’s no one with you in this. Wow,” he expressed. But his reason for persevering was his sons, Kameron 12, and Cross 5.

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