Lizzo Reacts To Big Girls Earning 6 Emmy Nominations

“All I have to say is, watch out for the big GRRRLS,” Lizzo wrote of her show’s nomination. Lizzo is headed to the Emmy Awards. The list of nominations for this year’s Television Awards were announced on Tuesday, 12 July. And on the “About Demon Time” singer’s Amazon Prime series, Watch Out for the Big Girls. There was an undeniably momentous occasion that Lizzo took time off. To celebrate on social media.

Emmy Nominated He Announces Nomination

“Emmy nominated?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?” He tweeted on the day of nomination announcement. Also shared the dance clip of him and the eclectic cast of his show. “All I have to say is look out for the BIG GRRRLS. “The BIG GRRRLS are BOOK, Blessed and Busy,” she said. See Lizzo’s post about her show’s Emmy nominations below. On Instagram, Lizzo at six Emmy nods Go more in-depth with your response. “Watch for the big GRRRLS Emmy nominated,” she wrote.

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After only one season released on Amazon in March

After only one season was released on Amazon in March. Watch Out for the Big Girls is now up for awards for Outstanding Contest Program in Outstanding Directing for a Reality Program, Outstanding Directing for a Reality Program. Outstanding Casting, Outstanding Cinematography for a Reality Program, Outstanding for a Competition Program, Outstanding Editing, and Outstanding Sound Mixing for the Various Series categories. The show followed Lizzo as she hunted backup dancers for her tour among a talented group of plus-size women of color.

On Instagram, Lizzo Responds to Six Emmy Nods

On Instagram, Lizzo went deeper with her reaction to six Emmy nods. “Watch out for the big GRRRLS Emmy nominees,” she wrote. “My girl. We didn’t do it for the awards, we did it for ourselves. For life we ​​touched it for making it shake the industry. And to show the world how beautiful and talented we are.”

Lizzo announces intergalactic ‘Lizzoverse’ light show for new album ‘Special’

Presented by American Express and produced by Superfly, the audiovisual planetarium spectacle will take place at Cipriani 25 Broadway in New York City. In which shows will start every two hours at 10-8 pm. From Saturday to Sunday. And as Lizzo says in her post. If you can’t make it, “astronauts don’t worry” Amazon Music will livestream the full show on Twitch at 6 p.m. ET Special release day.

In addition to playing through each of the 12 songs on the Special

Lizzo recently unveiled the full track list for the new record on Wednesday. Which revealed some catchy, curiosity-inducing titles like “Coldplay,” “Naked” and “Everybody’s Gay.” In addition to playing through each of the 12 songs on the special—including their Hot 100-climbing hit “About Damn Time.” The live-streamed show features the “Rumors” musician as well as a fleet of backup dancers Appearances will include The Big Girls.

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