Lizzo Can See The Joys Of A Manchester Bakery Cafe As She Tours The UK

While most of the locals can already see the joys of this lockdown sugar dealer’s full-blown bakery cafe. This weekend the world went global as the pop singer with 30+ million followers. Shared a video of himself explaining his behaviour.

Posted a video on my Instagram channel

The artist, who was in Manchester on Saturday night to perform a show as part of her UK tour, posted a video on her Instagram channel announcing: “I’ve got the bag. And the Good As Hell star turned to the cameras.” Placed my order in front of a box of Gooey’s Crunchy Hash Browns and a chunky tofu sandwich from Northern Quarter Cafe.

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Lizzo said in the video

The caption of the video is ‘Manchester Got the Good Good’, in the video Lizzo states: “This is why I love the UK because they’re hash browns oops.” Commented “OMFG Lizzo thank you. He then added that UK hash browns were always “top tier, always crispy, never gloopy, always salty”. adding them to your sando before making it extra chunky.

One person said

One person said: “I’m sorry Lizzo?!?! That’s where I work. Why didn’t I make the roster for today.” “Imagine walking around Manchester and Lizzo rocks.” Gooey success over the years to success, and this endorsement from Lizzo is just the latest in a string of high points for the bakery team.

Chinese dealers convert the business to home delivery

The country temporarily plunged into lockdown starting the same month. No one knew how much its salty-sweet treats would shape the course of our separation. Chinese dealers changed their business to home delivery. Two and a half years later, it is already becoming well known in the city centre. Attracting big names like Guardian food critic Jay Renner and now Lizzo.

A Kewpie Egg on Toasted Japanese Shokupon Bread

A Kewpie Egg Mayo Sandwich on toasted Japanese shokupan bread, with a plump whole egg running down the middle, is a modest showstopper. As is a vegan-friendly wild mushroom toast on roasted chia brioche…which is smeared with a generous helping of Roasted Black Garlic Cashew Cream. Other menu highlights include Char Sui BBQ Glazed Baby Back Rib Sesame Sub, panko-fried chicken katsu brioche, and massive bricks of ‘side portion’ halloumi, which come covered in a (pleasantly spicy) chili jam.

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