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Lions Captain Tracy Walker kicked out After Committing 2 Personal Fouls in The Same Game

DETROIT — With ink barely drying on a major three-year contract extension, Lions safety Tracy Walker has been ruled out of the season opener for committing two personal fouls in the same play.

He took off his helmet in a collision with quarterback Jalen Hirts,

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Walker took off his helmet in a collision with quarterback Jalen Hirts, who drew a flag for unnecessary roughness. Then getting to his feet threw a punch at an Eagles player, who drew another flag for unnecessary roughness. He was promptly thrown out, leaving Detroit without its best defense while trying to come back from a 38-21 deficit late in the third quarter.

JuJu Hughes, who made the roster for his contributions to special teams. replaced Walker in the lineup. Rookie Kerby Joseph is the only other defense prepared for the game.

Lions sign Walker a new three-year, $25 million contract

It is definitely not. Along the way the Lions envisioned Walker opening a new three-year, $25 million contract. He said that they were giving him that deal. Elsewhere on the roster, despite avoiding long-term spending—because he believed Walker was poised to be the leader of the defense.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Harts slips late on a run play

The incident happened in the third quarter of the game. In which the Eagles were already leading 31-21. Eagles quarterback Jalen Harts slipped late on a run play and was slammed by Walker. It was immediately flagged for unnecessary roughness at number 21, although the intent and late nature of Hearts Slide made it a questionable choice.

Walker ended the day with 11 tackles, a sack and a pass defended.

Walker was recently chosen as the captain of the team by his fellow Lions players. His game was very strong before the ejection.

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