Lim Eun-e Sings Acts And Juggles Two Careers at Once

A good work ethic can be one of Lim Eun-e’s most admirable characteristics. Who is juggling two careers at once. The MBC drama “Big Mouth” starring Lim premiered on Friday. While Lim is preparing to make a much-anticipated return to the K-pop scene this week with the members of Girls’ Generation. The group is about to release their seventh full-length album “Forever 1” to celebrate their 15th anniversary.

Lim named Chang-ho’s wife and an experienced nurse

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“Big Mouth” is about an incompetent lawyer, Chang-ho. Nicknamed Big Mouth, he is mistaken for the country’s most notorious con artist, Big Mouse. Lim plays Chang-ho’s wife and an experienced nurse, Mi-ho, who works to clear her husband’s name.

According to Nielsen Korea on Saturday, the series reached No. 1 among programs aired in the same time slot, registering a 6.2 percent viewership rating.

Her debut as a pop singer

Since his debut as an actor in July 2007, and then a month later, since his debut as a K-pop singer, taking on the workload for his two careers is something that Lim has been up to doing. is used to. One of the high points in her career is considered to be in 2009 when Girls’ Generation’s song “Zee” became a national hit.

Released 40 albums and singles

While “You’re My Destiny” (2008–09), a drama series for which she was the lead. Viewership of 43.9 percent was recorded. One of the highest local viewership ratings ever. In her 15-year career, Lim released some 40 albums and singles as a member of Girls’ Generation and appeared in 17 plays and films.

Oh Chung-hwan and co-star Lee Jong-suk

What has kept Lim focused amidst his heavy workload. It’s her strong inner core and a healthy mindset, which are qualities that “Big Mouth” director Oh Chung-hwan and co-star Lee Jong-suk saw in them when they were casting for the role. Mi-ho’s.

The need to reflect the inner core

“Mi-Ho required the actor to reflect an incredibly strong inner core at the center of all his different faces,” Oh said during an online press conference on Friday. Thought about Lim for the role, he discussed the idea with actor Lee Jong-suk.

In the new drama, Mi-ho and Chang-ho are newlyweds. Couple’s relationship is not less than difficulties. But they have a lot of trust and love that holds them together.

“Yuna is a longtime friend of mine,” Lee said. The thought of starring with her as a couple just blew my heart. , So, when I was acting alone. Then I imagined Yuna a lot. When I saw edited excerpts from the series, I realized how hard Yuna was working on the other side! ,

Lim also expressed a little regret for not spending much screen time with Lee.

“I wasn’t worried about going to ‘Big Mouth’ because I knew Lee Jong-suk was going to play the husband. It was too bad we didn’t have too many scenes together. Jong-suk’s acting is so detailed that I am amazed whenever I see it. It affected my acting in a very positive way.”

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