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Let me Know How Much Wealth Got From Piyush Jain Cellars

A large amount of gold and sandalwood oil has been found along with eye-catching cash from the locations of businessman Piyush Jain in Kanpur and Kannauj.

Found so much cash from Kanpur’s hideout

So far, undisclosed cash worth about Rs 194 crore and 23 kg of gold and other valuables has been seized from the premises of Dhan Kuber Piyush Jain of Kanpur. According to the Finance Ministry, it was recovered or confiscated from any whereabouts. Largest undisclosed cash ever.

Raw material found in such quantity

23 kg of gold and large quantities of perfume-related raw materials have also been found from Jain’s bases. These include more than 600 kg of sandalwood oil. Gold and sandalwood oil was recovered from the basement of his house. Its market value is around Rs.6 crore. But now many questions are also arising in this matter that who is the real owner of black money? After all, who is saving Piyush Jain?

what is the matter

The GST officials had started their search operation from the Kanpur factory of the manufacturers of Shikhar brand pan masala and tobacco products. After that, searches were conducted at the office and godown of M/s Ganpati Road Carriers located at Kanpur, besides the factories and premises of M/s Odochem Industries.

The investigation ended in Kannauj on Tuesday afternoon

The raids on Piyush Jain’s Kannauj hideout ended on Tuesday afternoon. From there 17 crore cash was found. Then got another two crore rupees. Simultaneously, 23 kg of gold and a lot of unaccounted raw material were found from there. It was to be used to make an aromatic compound of pan masala and gutkha. It also included 600 kg of sandalwood oil which was kept hidden in the basement. Its market value is Rs 6 crore.

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