Leslie Patterson The Oscar Nominee Who Also A Champion Triathlete

Leslie Paterson is not only the Oscar-nominated screenwriter behind All Quiet on the Western Front, but she’s also a five-time triathlon world champion. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Paterson, 42, shares her story from being the youngest sister of four growing up in rural Scotland to the Oscar nominee and athletic trailblazer she is today.

Leslie Patterson never backs down from a challenge

Leslie Patterson has never been one to back down from a challenge. She fought from being the only girl on her rugby team as a child to be a professional triathlete. She fought for 16 years when she heard she was entitled to All Quiet on the Western Front. Now, she’s a five-time triathlon world champion and Oscar nominee—and she’s ready for her next challenge.

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Patterson told people

I was brought up as No. 4 in a family, a Scottish family, and it’s pretty much crack and get it done,” Paterson told People. “If you don’t continue, you’ll be left behind Which gives you a lot of flexibility. And then there’s something in me that always loves a challenge. If something seems hard and no one else is doing it, I want to do it.

Paterson started playing rugby

She talks about how she finds “a lot of meaning in pain and suffering” and was always a fighter. As soon as she could, Paterson began playing rugby: “I was the only girl in all of Scotland playing. Although young boys would “point and giggle” at her, Paterson says that she still Adopting a “F— you attitude” kept on trudging.

Inspired to Compete in Triathlon

From there she was inspired to compete in triathlons. where she cycled with the local bike club, which consisted of all older men like plumbers, builders, welders, and the like. Again, Patterson was the underdog. “I always go into any situation thinking, Think about what you’ll do with me. I’m just going to prove to you that I can do it,” Patterson says. “Whether you’re a man, a woman, I’m a woman, I don’t care. My parents really helped with that.

International Championships and Ironman Races

Her professional career developed from there, leading her to compete in over 100 races, including international championships and Ironman races. While she was pursuing her athletic career, Patterson was also following her creative passions. After moving to the United States with her husband in 2002, she earned her master’s degree in film and theatre.

Patterson moved into screenwriting and producing.

After a failed attempt at acting, “I discovered I wasn’t very good at it”. Patterson moved into screenwriting and producing. It was then that he teamed up with a friend and co-screenwriter Ian Stokell, and the two After reading the war novel All Quiet on the Western Front, he eventually decided to pursue rights, which to his surprise were available.

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