Leading Artist Natalia LL Dies At 85

Natalia Ell, an artist whose boundary-pushing performances and films are credited with helping spark a wave of avant-garde art in Poland, has died at the age of 85, according to her Instagram.

The most famous works of Natalia LL

Male gaze with subversive imagery that is clearly erotic. His material has proved controversial from time to time and in some cases his work censored. When he began performing these works during the 1970s, he was working to bring art into closer contact with reality. was doing conceptual work at a time when it was still relatively new. She made it her mandate to focus on activities that seemed normal.

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“Art is the process of becoming in every moment of reality

Every fact, every second is fleeting and unique to the individual,” she wrote in 1972. “That is why I record ordinary and trivial events such as eating, sleeping, copulation. Rest, talk etc.

Pornography with a Feminist Twist

“Consumer Art” (1972–75), his most famous body of work, features prominently in photographs and films of the artist licking and eating a banana with suggestion. In one film, he pours melted ice cream into his mouth. and then spits it back, causing her to roll over her chin. These images, after shots of other women eating frankfurters, recall pornography with a feminist twist—she and the other women are now in charge. .

In 2019, founder of London’s Roman Road Gallery

Some have seen the series as a critique of a consumerist culture in the People’s Republic of Poland. Others pointed out, however, that there was a shortage of bananas in Poland, which was a communist country at the time. In 2019, Marisa Bellani, founder of London’s Roman Road Gallery, where Natalia LL showed, told Art Newspaper that the work was about “the lack of consumption as opposed to the consumerist world”.

Establishment of Gallery PERMAFO

The artist was born as Natalia Lach-Lachowicz in 1937 in Ziwieck, Poland. She attended the art school, which is now the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocaw, the city where she later founded the gallery PERMAFO with Zbigniew Dlubak and Andrzej Lachowicz. When she married Lachowicz, she changed her name to Natalia LL.

The founders wrote in a manifesto

PERMAFO, where Natalia LL did some of her first shows, specialized in a kind of art that had some relation to the everyday. Its founders wrote in a manifesto, “Knowledge of the present can be gained only by accumulating signals from reality.” Some credit the gallery’s program with helping to popularize conceptual photography in a scene that still dominates painting. PERMAFO remained active until 1981, when it closed after Poland came under martial law.

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