Lea Michele Jonathan Groff Perform Lizzo With The Cast Of Spring Awakening

Jonathan Groff on the red carpet at the 75th Annual Tony Awards. “Anytime Lizzo wants to do Spring Awakening, we’ll have her.” Whenever Lizzo wants to do Spring Awakening, we’ll have her,” Groff tells the guys. “Yeah, please. She is a member of the cast whenever she wants.

Grammy winner, 34, posted on TikTok

Back in April, the Grammy winner, 34, posted on TikTok. She would have given just about anything to be at a one-night reunion concert of the original Broadway cast. And at Sunday’s 75th Annual Tony Awards, say, Lea Michele, Jonathan Groff, John Gallagher Jr., and Skylar Astin stars. That the door is always open for Lizzo to join them.

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Asked Lizzo to come along and perform?

“It’s going to happen. We’re going to have it,” Michelle says, revealing. “Maybe they asked Lizzo to come and perform with us tonight, but she was unfortunately unavailable.” Wedekind, based on the 1891 play by Frank, Spring Awakening has been praised for its portrayal of themes such as sexual identity, rape, abortion, and suicide. Which tells the story of teenagers exploring their sexuality in 19th century Germany.

Lizzo misses the April concert

And although Lizzo missed the April concert. It was rewritten as part of HBO’s acclaimed Spring Awakening: Those You Have Known documentary. The complete journey we are taking right now with this amazing reunion tour. That’s awesome because we’re privileged to introduce Spring Awakening Before the Age of Social Media to this generation,” says Michelle Ton.

Our Documentary on HBO and HBO Max

“So now on HBO and HBO Max our documentary, She, Along with You Know, and superstars like Lizzo are also posting about Spring Awakening. We have so many new young fans, young and old, learning about Spring Awakening. The cast – who reunited for a performance of “Touch Me” in Tonys – say they were thrilled when they first learned that their “About Damn Time” singer had a super fan.

Astin shared

“We all totally freaked out,” recalls Michelle. “I initially thought her TikTok might not be real. Astin shared that her sister sent her a TikTok posted by Lizzo.” She is a huge Lizzo fan — as am I — and it’s crazy. I am still at such a place in my career. Where the athletes or the actors, or the people I look up to know who I am, it’s crazy.”

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