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Lakers Take Final Call on Potential Fast Bowlers Trade

Looks like the Los Angeles Lakers have decided to take the time to search for Miles Turner and Buddy Heald. That’s in large part due to the Indiana Pacers’ commitment to two first-round draft picks in return.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, speaking on the September 21 episode of The Rally, the Lakers are unwilling to participate in any potential trade with the Pacers with two future first-round picks. In this way, he has distanced himself from the conversation.

“The price of two first-round picks isn’t attractive to the Lakers. Right now, they’re going to be very prudent with the approach they’re going to take. There’s a long runway with Russell Westbrook. They can see that How the team starts, he has until the trade deadline, he is on an expiration contract.

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And the Lakers mentality, I’m told. They realize this is an important pill they will have to use. When you look at the two unsafe first round challenges. So they have to find the time when it actually makes sense to trade it. Right now, the package from Buddy Heald and Miles Turner is not what they are willing to trade the two first-round picks for,” explained Charania.

It looks like the Lakers have now pulled themselves out of business discussions with both the Utah Jazz and Pacers in recent weeks, and will, now, likely enter the season with their current roster and their next move before deciding. What will happen?

Westbrook hopes to be a starter this season

On a September 19 episode of ESPN’s NBA Today, Ramona Shelburne revealed that the Lakers are expected to keep Westbrook as their starting point guard to begin the season. Further reinforcing the notion that he may look to the final year of his deal with Los. Angeles.

“From what I understand now. They still look to Russell Westbrook as a starter. He’s a former MVP. He’s given that respect. Everyone’s going to be competing for the job. … Russell Westbrook is the starter there.” Shelburne said.

The Superstar Guard is the Lakers’ most consistent performance in the last season

Despite all the criticism at Westbrook at the end of last season, and throughout the summer, the superstar guard was one of the Lakers’ most consistent performers last season – especially from a health standpoint.

Westbrook averages 18.5 points, 7.4 rebounds,

In 78 regular-season games, Westbrook averages 18.5 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 7.1 assists per game, while boasting a 47.6% effective field goal rating. Of course, if the California native wants to be an influential member of the rotation in the coming season. So he’ll need to embrace the off-ball role a bit more to provide LeBron James and Anthony Davis with enough room to work. in paint.

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