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Lady Gaga Dog Walker Shooting Suspect Withdrawn After prison Release

Authorities said the alleged gunman was accidentally released from prison after being charged with shooting Lady Gaga’s dog walker and stealing two of her French bulldogs while hiding in a high desert community in northern Los Angeles County .

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office said

Attempted murder suspect James Jackson, 19, was “arrested without incident” while serving a search warrant in Palmdale, California. Fears came again on the same day that another suspect in the case, Jailyne White, pleaded “no contest” to second-degree robbery and was sentenced to four years in prison.

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Jackson after “clerical error”

He was accidentally released from prison in April, making what appears to be attempted murder, second-degree robbery and robbery charges against him were dismissed. They were first arrested in the case in April 2021 along with White, 20, and the third alleged attacker, Lafayette Whaley, 28.

Testifying before a secret grand jury last year

Fisher said the man with the gun “threw” her into a concrete embankment and strangled her during a violent clash. “The dog [Koji] yelled at me, and I reached for him, and then the man with the gun shot me just as I was reaching,” Fischer testified, as he fell to the ground with his assailant Gustav. Had fled and Cozy in the Nissan Sentra.

Fischer said straight to White

Fischer appeared in court Wednesday for White’s plea and sentencing and made an emotional victim impact statement. “You left me bleeding and gasping for my life,” Fischer said directly to White, who sat on his lap while detained at the defense table. “I almost died that night.” Fisher described the extreme nerve damage caused by a bullet that burst through his upper right torso and how doctors had to remove part of his lung after the collapse. He said he still suffers from breathing and mobility issues.

Restarting a once thriving animal care business

It’s the mental and emotional trauma of that night that you did so much worse,” he said. Shedding tears, Fischer said he has been unable to resume his once thriving animal care business after the nearly fatal attack . Fischer tells White, “You didn’t steal the dogs from me that night, you stole my livelihood.” Now that Fisher tries to care for the dogs, he questions “every step,” worrying does that something is about to happen to them,” he said.

“I’ve lost all my money. I’m in severe credit card debt, and I’ve become dependent on the kindness and charity of strangers, friends, and family to survive,” he said, his mother also staying in court Wednesday. Wanted but didn’t have the resources to buy plane tickets.

“I miss them every day. They were my whole life,” he said.

“You stole my purpose, and I’m lost without it,” he told White, adding that his hope going forward that both would find ways to heal. serves me, and that’s what I want for you. I want for you too. After giving your time, if you want to make amends, make some sense of it. Find a purposeful life and serve the people around you Do it. It will mean more to me than any kind of time you serve,” he said.

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