Kylie Jenner Fans Are Horrified By Her Creepy Eyes

The Kardashian star shared a new video of herself rolling sensually on a bed. Kylie, 25, crawls into a bed in an haute couture silver lame dress made especially for her. Kylie’s long brunette hair was pinned back and parted in the middle. He wore a neutral silk garment while sitting.

Low-cut black outfit flared out

She almost passed out in the low-cut black outfit, which featured a complementary black bow tied over her breasts. The dress is from the Maison Margiela fashion house. She wore it to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. But as she gazes seductively into the camera, fans’ attention is focused on her eyes.

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Follower posted in the comment section

“Creepy eyes are really getting old,” a follower posted in the comments section. She took to Instagram to post a close-up photo of her eye. They appeared hazel brown with a slight yellow undertone.

She captioned the pic

She captioned the pic: “I feel my eyes lighten up after this last pregnancy. Has this happened to anyone else?” Fans had a lot of opinions to answer his question. One Reddit user said: “OMG, this is awful.” Is it like twilight when their eyes are yellow because they drank deer blood? Color.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum

It looks like it has hints of yellow, but it’s not brown. Eyelashes, mascara, or makeup while getting ready for a fancy party. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum appeared to be sitting in a salon chair as she posed for a selfie.

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