Kylie Jenner Accuses Instacart Worker Of lying Claims

Kylie Jenner might not be giving this delivery worker a five-star rating. On July 9, the Kardashian star called out TikToker and Instacart activist Pablo Tamayo. who posted a TikTok about Erevan distributing a $12 pack of pepperoni. Known as the swanky grocery store that inspired Anwarin at Jenner’s home. And detailed everything that he clearly saw and heard.

Jenner accuses him of lying about several details in the video

In response, Jenner accused him of “lying for attention” about several details in the video. Including his claim that he “heard the scream of a child.” I didn’t see Kylie. I didn’t see Stormi, but I swear I heard a baby scream. Tamayo also said that he was not tipped well. This b*tch could have paid me more.” As well as a separate Instagram Story post about making his sandwiches. Maybe he Be too starstruck to care.

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After making the delivery, she claimed

In the video, Tamayo is seen in his car, with pepperoni still in his possession. He is stunned by the realization that he is about to deliver it to Jenner’s Holmby Hills home. After making the delivery, she claimed that she followed one of Jenner’s security guards through her gate. It was walking “like a river down this little path” to his way home. “I take a look at her house, I see all these helpers, all these maids, and sh*t,” he said.

Tamayo captioned his video

Tamayo captioned her video, “I can’t make it SH*t UP,” but Jenner claims she did just that. The Kylie Cosmetics founder posted his own TikTok video of him making the sandwich, for his boyfriend Travis Scott and himself. Including a rare glimpse of Eraven Pepperoni and his 5-month-old son. In the comments, which have since been deleted, Jenner denied many details of Tamayo’s story. that he lied about hearing his child scream and clarified that there is no river in his premises.

Tamayo did not respond to Jenner’s deleted comments

Forgive me the wrong way to lie for attention. I did not order this myself! He was tipped through the app. Also, lied about looking out my windows and making my son cry? Tamayo did not respond to Jenner’s deleted comments. However, he still took note of the fact that the pepperoni he gave. She was seen on Jenner’s TikTok. “No one comes from the door!” She wrote, as captured by E! “A river is not a river.

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