Kylie Cosmetics Website Kylie Jenner Teams Up With BFF Anastasia On New Makeup Collaboration

Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics has tapped content creator Anastasia Karanikolaou to create a fun, limited-edition makeup collection. See what to expect in the gallery above. The Stacy x Kylie collection will be available through Kylie Cosmetics’ website on June 13 at 9 a.m. PST at 12 p.m. EST.

Standouts include the Lip Kit in the shade “Stacey Baby”

The upcoming range comprises five offerings that boast vibrant pops of blue and pink. Standouts include the Lip Kit in the shade “Stacy Baby,” which comes in a gorgeous pink nude. Elsewhere, the High Gloss Duo comes in “Gonna Get Wested,” a light peachy pink, and “Twining.” Which is a clear shade with blue and pink glitter. Take your makeup look to the next level with the real pink “4 Ever Ting” with Liquid Eyeliner Pen and the baby blue “Blue Eyed Babe.”

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Kylie Jenner joins hands with Anastasia ‘Stacey’ Karanikolaou to release Kylie Cosmetics collab

American reality TV star Kylie Jenner and her longtime friend Anastasia ‘Stacey’ Karanikolaou, shared on the former’s YouTube channel on Saturday. Kylie in a video promoting her upcoming collaboration for Cosmetics. In the video, 24-year-old Kylie and her BFF Anastasia try several products from their soon-to-be-released offerings. After two BFFs finished using the products, the two moved on to Karanikolaou’s lip kit.

Kylie Jenner begins the video by greeting the audience and expressing

The two besties – Jenner and Karanikolaou – began the video by greeting their audience and expressing this. That they have already used many of their products. As the clip progressed, the first one began that they would ‘take our looks from basic to gorgeous’ during the clip. The duo began showcasing their new liquid liners, which will be offered in pink and blue.

Let’s Get Wasted Lip Gloss

As the clip progressed, she saw the makeup mogul fondly remember the time. When she first met her friend, ‘she used to wear these crazy liquid liner colors.’ Eventually, the two went ahead and started applying their aptly named Bestie Energy Highlighter. Jenner noted that she and Karanikolaou were ‘glowing’ after applying the product. She used the ‘Let’s Get Wasted’ lip gloss, the name of which struck a chord with her.

The Kardashian star exclusively suggested

The Kardashian star exclusively suggested. That she and her friend should remove their lipstick before using the product to show off their shine. After noting that her new collection has made her ‘worldwide’. He announced that it would be made available to the public. On Monday at the official website of Kylie Cosmetics. During the video, Kylie notes that she was ‘so happy’, that she was able to collaborate with her longtime friend.

Kylie Jenner having a drink by the pool at her Hidden Hills estate

The beauty maven skipped makeup for a day of rest, opting instead to show off her natural beauty. She bared her ruffled face while holding onto a stemless glass with long, neon yellow, stiletto nails. The snippet, which was posted to her Instagram Stories, showed the reality TV star with her luscious black hair falling down her back. It was in an off-center part as she sat back in a black tank top with spaghetti straps.

A beautiful picture of the sun shared with stories

Shared with her stories was also a beautiful picture of Sooraj as she lay in front of her pool. In front of him was a fascinating view of lush greenery, as well as a hazy outline of the mountains from afar. The blue water sparkled as she kicked back on a white lounge chair in her private oasis. Sharing more outtakes from her day, she uploaded several video clips as she prepared a hearty meal.

Mother-in-law wrote in a white font

Kylie scans a counter of cilantro, limes, tomatoes, and more. And showed her 347 million followers what she was doing. ‘Cooking today,’ wrote the mother-in-law in white font, along with a white heart emoji. Further along, Jenner demonstrated a sizzling skillet filled with fried ingredients. Earlier in the day the billionaire entrepreneur posed for Kylie Cosmetics. Promoted her upcoming collaboration with BFF Anastasia ‘Stacey’ Karanikolaou.

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