KSI Claims Prime Drink Is Impossible To Compete With

YouTube star KSI has claimed that Prime Hydration is impossible to combat “opportunists” who are tainting beverages. A new limited-edition KSI-themed bottle will be hitting UK shelves soon, according to the YouTuber-turned-boxer.

Despite being released in the UK a year earlier

Despite its release in the UK nearly a year ago, fans are still scrambling to get their hands on Prime Hydration. The supply issues and scalpers have gotten so bad, that some fans have even gone above and beyond to launch a ‘prime tracker’. Which aims to help others find the nearest store which currently stocks the drink.

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KSI himself also raised his voice against those people.

KSI himself has also spoken out against those who are taking advantage of his fans, blasting stores for their absurd markup prices. The situation has become even worse with the release of Prime’s energy drinks in the US. where some UK retailers were caught selling the drink for £100 a can.

Prime demand is through the roof

Demand for Prime is through the roof, and that’s when the YouTube star urged fans to stop buying the drink at a markup. Even then they continue to buy from resellers. Many have called for action against those who took advantage of the two YouTubers. But, according to KSI, it is an issue that is “impossible to combat.

He said on twitter

The Prime co-founder isn’t confident, however, that all of the stock will actually end up on the shelves and instead end up in the hands of “opportunists.” We are shipping loads to retailers. Though I fear that not all bottles will end up on the shelves due to dishonesty and opportunists,” he said on Twitter.

After being seen with the new Prime bottle in Australia

And I hate to say it but it’s really impossible to combat it I’m afraid. After being spotted with the new Prime bottle in Australia, fans are excited to get their hands on it. Though we will have to wait and see if all the stocks actually manage to reach the shelves.

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