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Know Which Country Is Preparing For The Celebration Of New Year 2022

The time has come to say goodbye to the year 2021. The preparations to welcome the arrival of the New Year around the world are almost complete. People are very eager to celebrate the new year with great pomp. Different ways of celebrating the New Year around the world have been a part of tradition for years. However, due to the Corona epidemic, the atmosphere of New Year’s celebration in most places is going to look a bit dull.

How Is The Preparation For The New Year In India?

The people of the country are eager to welcome the year 2022, but in many places preparations made to celebrate the New Year with restrictions. People will welcome the new year with restrictions in places like Goa, Delhi, Kerala, Manali. Goa, one of the most exciting places in the country, visited by tourists throughout the year, but on the New Year, Goa’s nightlife, beach parties and sparkling roads attract a lot of people.

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But this time due to the Omicron variant of Corona, many parties have been canceled. Restrictions imposed in all public places in Delhi regarding Christmas and New Year celebrations. Instructions given not to gather crowd in the city. The rule of no mask no entry strictly implemented in the markets of Delhi. At the same time, restaurants and hotels allowed to open with 50 percent seating capacity. In Kerala, Shimla, Manali, people enjoy the New Year party fiercely amidst the beautiful views of nature, but this time something has faded due to Corona.

Preparations for the New Year in America

In the US too, there was a rapid increase in the case of Omicron, after which the administration has partially banned parties on New Year’s. Many programs also cancelled. According to the plan, programs organized at Times Square located in New York City, in which people involved with following the Corona guidelines. In America, many programs organized on the occasion of New Year, as well as some traditions have also been attracting people. In North America, it is a tradition to take a dip in icy waters. The Polar Bear Club has helped further and popularize the tradition of taking a dip in the icy waters on the New Year’s Eve. In South America, on New Year’s Eve, colorful underwear worn. The people here consider it auspicious.

This is How The New Year Is Celebrated In Japan

In Japan too, many programs organized on the New Year. There is a lot of curiosity among people about parties, but the effect of Corona will be visible here too. In many places in Japan, people celebrate it as a festival. People clean and paint their homes and neighborhoods. Adorned with new clothes, people dance and sing along to the music.

New Year In Romania

The people of Romania also celebrate the new year a lot. Along with parties, many events organized. It said that the people of Romania consider bears auspicious, which is why people welcome the New Year by wearing a bear-like dress. People are seen dancing in bear’s dress. It said that by doing this one gets rid of evil spirits in the new year.

New Year In Denmark

There is also a lot of enthusiasm about the new year in Denmark. People organize parties and many events. There is also a tradition of breaking utensils at the doors of the homes of friends and neighbors on New Year’s Day, which people see as a sign of prosperity.

First of all let’s celebrate the new year here

The pictures of celebrations on the occasion of New Year come first from Sydney, Australia. The city of Sydney remains in the news a lot due to the spectacular fireworks. In such a situation, people believe that the first celebration of the New Year takes place in Australia itself. Although the first day comes out in the Pacific island of Tonga, due to which people believe that the New Year is celebrated here first. Talking about the last country, in some islands of America, the sun comes out after the last, due to which the celebration of New Year starts on January 1 at the last.

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