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Klay Thompson Sounds on the Warriors New Additions

The Golden State Warriors are in Japan. Their pre-season starts on September 30th at 3:00PM PST. Which means most Warriors fans probably won’t be ready to watch the contest. He will take on the Washington Wizards and Japanese superstar Rui Hachimura.

Klay Thompson clashes with a sumo wrestler

Many of his videos have surfaced during the training camp in Japan. It features Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson clashing with a sumo wrestler. Curry is meeting with Japanese musician Suga. Jonathan Kuminga is in talks with NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo.

Thompson has high hopes for both of them

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One of the most interesting quotes to note, however, is discussing the latest additions to the Thompson team. Golden State added Donnette DiVincenzo and Jaimichael Greene to free agency this summer, and Thompson has high hopes for both of them.

Donate a Champion and a Combo Guard

“I love what they both bring. JaMychal is so tough, he can spread the floor, he can rebound. He gives us tremendous frontcourt depth. Donnet is a champion and a combo guard to help us on the backcourt And those guys are going to have great years for us. I can feel it,” Thompson told reporters.

The Warriors lost three major pieces of their rotation this summer – Otto Porter Jr., Gary Payton II and Nemanja Bejelica. In return, he replaced those players with DiVincenzo and Green, who should be set to play key roles in Golden State’s rotation.

Thompson is not the only member of the Warriors organization who is confident in DiVincenzo and Green, however. Earlier this summer, head coach Steve Kerr detailed their roles and how much he believes in them both.

Kerr discusses the importance of green

Losing Porter and Bejelica was brutal for the Warriors, as both played key roles in their final run. However, during an interview with The Athletic’s Anthony Slater, Kerr expressed how much he believes in Greene’s ability to replace both Porter and Bejelica.

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