Kiss And tell Is This Allowed?! — Paige VanZant And MMA Husband Austin Vanderford Turn on PDA To push Instagram Boundaries

The 28-year-old former MMA star is now a professional wrestler with All Elite Wrestling.

In the pictures the pair were seen embracing for a shower kiss

VanZant and Vanderford married in 2018 and recently shared a few photos from their trip to Paige’s AEW debut in Las Vegas. But none of these photos were uploaded by the bare-knuckle star to her 3.2m Instagram followers The husky did not come close to the set. In the photos the pair are seen embracing for a shower kiss, with Peggy clutching around her man as the couple gets up close and personal in the woods.

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Austin took off his shirt, while Peggy wore nothing but a black bathing suit.

She captioned it: “You don’t get love, you make it. We need to celebrate more couples.” There was more to come, with another shot testing the rules of Instagram as they were working out next to a campervan. Since making her UFC debut in 2014, Paige has amassed a huge following and Has left the organization with an 8-5 win record. She has since moved on to AEW and will compete in a bare-knuckle competition in London next month.

‘Can you post it?!’

VanZant is well known for her sensual online snaps – but these photos also pushed boundaries for her loyal fanbase. Vanderford is a professional MMA fighter, but struggled with her first pro defeat in March against Gegard Auntie Page has been busy preparing to return to BKFC recently after losing his first two matches.

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