Kim Kardashian Shares Nude Photo After Seeking Divorce From Husband

Along with the divorce application in the court, Kim has also demanded joint custody of her four children. Kim says that she tried her best to save her marriage.

Kim Kardashian Shared her Nude Photo

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian remains in the headlines due to her dressing and hot pictures. She shares her new pictures on social media platforms every day. Recently, he has surprised everyone by sharing a picture of himself. Actually Kim Kardashian has shared her nude photo.

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Kim is Getting Divorced From Third Husband

According to reports, Kim Kardashian has decided to divorce her husband Kanye West. Kanye Well is Kim’s third husband and their marriage has lasted 7 years. Kim Kardashian herself has filed for divorce from her third husband Kanye West. This photoshoot of Kim was named Desert Shoot. He got this shoot done on the beach. She was backless in this shoot. Some of these photos were also clicked nude.

Ring Worth so Many Crores

There are reports that Kanye West bought it for $ 4.5 million (Indian Rupees 326 million). With this ring, he proposed to Kim Kardashian on his knees among family and friends.

Kim Seeks Joint Custody of Children

Along with the divorce application in the court, Kim has also demanded joint custody of her four children. Kim says that she made all efforts to save her marriage, but husband Kanye West did not show any interest in it. She says that she also wanted to go to the marriage counselor.

Kanye Gave The Priceless Ring at The Time of Engagement

According to the news, when Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got engaged, Kanye gave them a very precious ring. This beautiful ring made a lot of headlines. Now amidst the news of divorce, once again the same ring has become a topic of discussion.

Twitter User Wrote While Posting This Photo

People are trolling Kim since sharing the photo. Some people advised her to become a porn star and some abused her. Posting this photo, a Twitter user wrote, that if Kim can climb a tree and click a nude photo, then why can’t I. Kim in this photo is wearing only boots. Sharing the photo, Kim has written.

Kim Kardashian Hid Her Private Parts in a Nude Picture

Kim Kardashian is seen topless in this photo. In the photo, his daughter is seen sitting on Kim’s lap. With which she is seen hiding her private parts. This is not the first time that Kim has shared her nude photo. A few days ago, the actress shared a nude photo of her, in which she was seen in a very different avatar. In this photo, Kim is placing her hand on her breast and turquoise tears are flowing from her eyes. Apart from this, he has carried his long hair forward. Although this photo has been shared by Kim for her brand promotion.

Kim Made a Splash, Nude Photoshoot on Sand Went Viral

Reality star Kim Kardashian is once again seen active on social media. But this time she has not posted any but is following some of her special friends. Recently, Kim’s friend Stephen Shepherd shared some of her unseen photoshoot pictures on social media. These pictures were taken when Kim went to Thailand to enjoy her holiday. During that time he also got his photoshoot done. Stephen shared the same pictures. Kim is looking very hot and sexy in these pictures.

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