Kim Kardashian Fell In Love With Salman Khan Body

Many stars from Bollywood have made a name for themselves in Hollywood. Be it Priyanka Chopra or Anupam Kher. There are also many Hollywood stars who have worked in Bollywood. But do you know that America’s famous model Kim Kardashian is a fan of Bollywood.

Kim Was Blown Away by Salman’s Body

Famous model and actress Kim Kardashian is also a fan of Bollywood, after watching many Bollywood films, Kim liked Salman Khan’s films very much. Kim has also become a fan of Salman Khan. Salman has a huge fan following in Bollywood, now famous model Kim is also following him.

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Kim is in Awe of Salman Khan’s Dashing Body

After watching many films of actor Salman Khan, Kim is in awe of his dashing body. Kim says that I want to work with Salman Khan first in Bollywood. Not only this, Bollywood star Sriraj Hassan is also one of Kim’s close friends.

Who is Kim’s Indian Friend Sriraj Hassan

Kim is a very good friend of Shreeraj Hassan, Shreeraj is the owner of Million of Milkshakes. Recently in 2012, he was planning to invite Kim to India during his milkshake launch. But later, instead of Kim, Bollywood actress Malaika Arora launched the product. Hassan told that Kim is currently launching her milkshake in Dubai. But next year Kim will definitely come.

This Roomy Couple is Worried About The Age Limit

According to reports, 41-year-old Kim and 27-year-old Pete do not believe in age numbers. With this age gap, they do not care what anyone thinks. These two are very easily comfortable with the other and are taking their relationship forward. It is being said that when Kim keeps her bodyguard outside in connection with work. During this, his boyfriend Pete is also with him and he does not like his bodyguard to be with him all the time. And the couple is very happy with each other.

Kanye West Said This on Dating Kim And Pete

There has been news of a dispute between Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West for a long time. Not only this, Kim filed for divorce earlier this year. But recently her husband has raised many questions in everyone’s mind by giving a shocking statement. In fact, when Kanye reached an event, he was asked about his journey from his singing career to becoming a father. When asked about his marriage and divorce, he immediately said, ‘Kim is my wife’. I haven’t seen the divorce papers yet.

Kim Remains in The News About Her Divorce

At present, Kim remains in the discussion about her divorce. After being in a relationship for 7 years, both of them have divorced from each other due to some reasons. The 4 children of both are mostly spotted with Kim. Recently all Kim’s cars were auctioned, in which Kim’s car F-150 Raptor has made history by selling very expensive.

Children Want Their Parents To Be Together

My children want their parents to be with them. I want us to be together’. Now this is evident from his statement. Kanye is still hoping to save his marriage. But the way Kim is taking her relationship with Pete forward. She doesn’t think that Kim wants to spend her life with Kanye. While some time ago, according to sources, Kim was trying her best to save her marriage, but when she felt that she would not be able to maintain the relationship. So he filed for divorce.

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